About Me

Welcome to www.sarkarichakri.com . I am Tapan Das owner of this blog. I am a printer and also a blogger . Before create this blog I have created few blogs from blogger.com. In 2014 I buy a domain to create this blog. This blog is for news of latest government jobs in India.
Early Life

I am from remote village called Jamtala, which is situated in district of South 24 paraganas, West Bengal, India. We are two brothers I am very lucky to get such brother and mother. My father had dead when I was 4 years old and my brother was 12 years old . My father was a cycle rickshaw wala and give labour in the paddy field at the time of cultivation. My mother was worried how to maintain our family but I had no scene about it, after grew up I understood at this time how much pressurized She was. My brother, named Swapan, quite his education and left village for searching a job and get a table boy job in a hotel at Raidighi for Rs.300 per month and my mother worked as a domestic help.

I completed my primary education from a govt. primary school in my village where I sell chocolate, candy and biscuit at tiffin hour to earn extra money.I used to give food stall with my mother at village fair. I always try to make extra money to recover my family from poverty. I hate this life. Beside our village, there is a market called Nischintapur Bazar, where business men and farmers give temporary stall with their difference product such as vegetable, fish ,fruit and other grocery. After finish this bazar at end of the day, My mother and I used to go there for searching vegetable (which left by stall holder for its quality) , and other product for our dinner.

I completed my high schooling from Nischinta Pur R.D. High School. I am a average student and passed secondary exam in 2000 and higher secondary 2002 with first division and then quit my education and join a world largest direct selling company as a selling agent for Rs. 4000 but I can not carry on this because I was fail to sell their product in my locality. And I faced huge loss. My mother saved this money fighting with poverty. I was very much disappointed and can not think what to do now.

In 2003, I left my village with some money from my mother and go to Sonarpur. At Sonarpur I look some tuition for earn money and prepared for Entrance Exam for Diploma Engineering .

I get chance to admit The Regional Institute of Printing Technology in 2004 and carry on my education with my own income from tuition. In 2007 , I get a job by campus interview at news paper printing press as a trainee.


I continue in my job as a assistant engineer. My hobby is blogging for this I am here and I have also another blog named bloggingexpress.com . Now my family is very happy. My brother have a small shop in our village market. My mother is happy to see settle both of us.